Custom Creations Furniture

Custom Creations is renowned for the perfectly tailored slip covers they create for new and existing furniture. They use the physical piece of furniture to ensure a perfect fit every time. Their slip covers give the look of being upholstered while allowing your clients the flexibility of easy cleaning.

Here are some tips for a flawless slip cover every time:

  • Use only light to medium-weight fabrics. They are ideal for slip covering a piece of furniture.
  • Line the underside of the slip cover when you want to add extra body.
  • Pre-wash all fabric in the event you wish to wash your slip cover.* In general, fabrics will continue to shrink at a rate of 1-3% with each wash. 
  • Make sure all seams are surged to minimize unraveling of fabric.
  • Wash only in cold water and line dry. Press with a warm iron. Follow any other care instructions for your particular fabric.  In general, using a steamer on linen will cause it to “grow”.
  • Ask for a more “shabby” fit for your slip covers when washing will be the main method of cleaning. This extra allowance will keep your slip covers from becoming too small over time.

*CCF recommends dry cleaning slipcovers even if the fabric has been pre-washed.

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