Custom Creations Furniture


“Luxury must be comfortable; otherwise, it is not luxury.” –Coco Chanel

The de la Torre Family could not agree more that comfort is an essential element of luxury.  But to be deemed truly ‘luxurious’, a treasured object must also possess a distinct level of quality, classic beauty and fine detailing. In our opinion, it should also be made by hand, tailored to each individual client and of heirloom-quality.   

Fine furniture is an important investment – a luxury that should never be deemed frivolous.  It is these pieces, after all, that will set the stage for one’s life and that will be passed down to loved ones. These pieces are one’s legacy to future generations.


Custom Creations Furniture, a full-service atelier of the highest caliber, has upheld its rigorous standards of luxury for over 34 years. It is why, time and again, they are commissioned to create future heirloom pieces, hand-crafted by their talented ensemble and tailor-made to each client’s specifications.  It is their tireless dedication to the company’s four benchmarks: exceptional quality, attention to detail, utmost comfort and unparalleled service, that each custom piece can be passed down and reinvented from generation to generation.

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